Monday, July 12, 2010

No Blog Number Post!

Hey everyone! Another update for the blog!
Just got back home from my sister's place yesterday, where I spent the weekend, helping out around the house and helping my sister get around after she tore a ligament. A lot worse for her, it seems, though it is the same thing. She got a partial cast thingy as well and we were using an office chair the whole time to wheel her around the house since she couldn't walk.
My neice, Anemonae, didn't think anything of my silence but she is saying Duncle a lot, which is the first letter of my name and Uncle put together XP She's so adorable!
I got to lay in my sister's new hammock and I took a short nap in it. Gotta quality test those things, ya know. You never can know if it's gonna be a dud hammock, after all. Still, after the short nap in the swinging hammock I found it very much of good quality. Good thing I tested it though, otherwise horrible things could have gone wrong! Okay, prolly not , but it's a comfy hammock XD
Anyway, I have a friend at my place now. She's staying till wednesday and then going back home. She's pretty cool and her name is Missa.

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