Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Last Post!

Hey everyone! This is the last post of The Silent Blog! It's basically just going over what my first day of talking again was like... Largely, it was peaceful, kinda boring. Talking again came pretty naturally but I still don't feel exactly like talking a lot. I'm a little more quiet, though not too much I would suppose. It's just back to life as normal. As said in the previous post, there's a lot I learned that I can't explain but some people have already told me they've noticed that there was, in fact, a change for the better, which is cool.

All in all, it was worth the month of non-articulation.

David Gray
AKA Tankou

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Blog Post!

Ya, I've totally lost count X
Anywho, another blog post on the last day of my vow!
I'll be posting the final post tomorrow. I've found out a lot of things while on this vow, mostly about myself. Being silent for so long I've leared to hear everything I think perfectly and I can better understand the inner workings of my own head.
Over the past month I've spoken 15 words outside my safety zones. Most of them were to my rommate and two of them were to Joe. I've found out, through my silence, that friendships forged on silence are better, in a way. Words realy are a bit more troubesome than they are worth at times. A friendship based on words is quick to get started but easy to ruin while Friendships through the written word and silence are builty very soundly, though a bit slow.

There are so many other things I've learned that just can't be expressed in words, things only I would understand because I formulated them through my silence. But Ive noticed that silence comes in stages, just like many things in life. The first few days are enlightening and sobering. The next bit is aggravating. Eventually all of the feelings meld together. you gain a sort of control that you didn't think could happen. I've been screaming so loudly in my head things that I would never want to say in public but outwardly I would be completely indifferent.

It's very peaceful, however, when you're silent. A few people don't understand it but many respect it. You reall find out things about people. I wouldn't be on my vow longer but I expect I will be quieter and more willing to listen now. It changes the views you have of life to something more understanding. Every night when I went to sleep I would hearc so many things, so many small things I wouldn't think to hear before. When in a crowd it's so easy to grab up all the voices and separate them. It almost feels like you can hear everything in the world, though I know it isn't true.

I highly doubt I have gotten the mos out of my vow. I highly doubt I learned what others taking longer vows of silence would. But it has affected me for the better in my opinion. It was a very positive experience, even when things were going downhill. It's helped me to think about the world, other things that otherwise wouldn't occur to me. Nothing big has come to me. I haven't had any major life reralizations bu I feel that all the little things adding tgether really do stack up. In a few years I wouldn't mind taking a half year vow Xp
But that's in a few years.

I suppose, on this last day of my vow I will explore what I couldn't otherwise. I'll go back downtown or something and meet up with a bunch of people and get it known that this is my last day. I'll hang outside and suck up everything I could have possibly missed.

David Gray
AKA The Dagimal

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog #17

hey all! Back with another update! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday but yesterday was just NOT a good day for me. I have an upper endoscopy, which is where they shove a thick tube down your throat and into your stomach! Ya, sucks just thinking about it, doesn't it?
If really wasn't all too bad. I still got put under and, when I woke up I was having the time of my life! Still, eventually the sleepy, groggy happiness did fade and then my throat hurt and they inflated my stomach so that hurts still.
I had a few mini ulcers, which they removed while I was out. Hopefully the meds they gave me for reducing the acid reflux will work out fine because I really don't want to delete all the food in my diet that makes eating worthwhile

On a significantly more positive note! It's my baby Niece's Birthday today! Happy 2nd birthday, Nemi! Also, my grandparents got home yesterday! I'm glad I was awake enough to see them and have dinner! As always they're doing old XP but it's okay, I love them for that XP

Anyway, gotta get goin!

David Gray
AKA Tankou001

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GRANDS! Blog # 16

Grands come tomorrow! I'm having a doctor thing tomorrow but I still gotta get the house clean and do other stuff! So frantic and I'm a little depressed that I spaced cleaning all the way till the day before, just like always >.<
Nothing really amazing aside from that! Gotta Go! Cleaning!

Monday, July 12, 2010

No Blog Number Post!

Hey everyone! Another update for the blog!
Just got back home from my sister's place yesterday, where I spent the weekend, helping out around the house and helping my sister get around after she tore a ligament. A lot worse for her, it seems, though it is the same thing. She got a partial cast thingy as well and we were using an office chair the whole time to wheel her around the house since she couldn't walk.
My neice, Anemonae, didn't think anything of my silence but she is saying Duncle a lot, which is the first letter of my name and Uncle put together XP She's so adorable!
I got to lay in my sister's new hammock and I took a short nap in it. Gotta quality test those things, ya know. You never can know if it's gonna be a dud hammock, after all. Still, after the short nap in the swinging hammock I found it very much of good quality. Good thing I tested it though, otherwise horrible things could have gone wrong! Okay, prolly not , but it's a comfy hammock XD
Anyway, I have a friend at my place now. She's staying till wednesday and then going back home. She's pretty cool and her name is Missa.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog 15

Hi all!
Nothing exciting yestersay. I went to the doctor early on, got an MRi and saw a doctor about my really bad acid reflux and I'm gonna be having a procedure done next thursday where they'll stick a tube down my throat or something unpleasant like that. I was pretty much three quarters asleep through the whole thing so it really isn't very big in my memory...
Seriously, I'm dying here...

David Gray
AKA That Dude

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog #14

Hey all!
Okay, sorry I haven't been posting up as regularly as I should have been. Yesterday I was busy cleaning my kitchen up. For once I just had one of those "Let's be productive" sprees. Now, for those of you weho don't know me too well, I'm not a very good housekeeper but it doesn't mean I don't know how to properly clean up things. On the contrary, I am a very good person with cleaning things, I just don't do it around my house much XD Still I cleaned the counters, microwave, oven, stove, dishes, sink, the side of the fridge... I was on a cleaning spree Xp
After all was done it was all pretty normal. Nothing of note happened aside from that. Couple of friends popped over and we hung out. The day before yesterday was also uneventful.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog #13

Hey all! David Gray as back with an all new blog update! Sorry it took so long but I was down in Gold Beach fighting at An Tir West War. The battles were grea. I took out one of the key spearmen in the West Kingdomas the bannerman for the prince of An Tir. By the by, our banner is also a spear. That's how I pegged the guy in the head.

Anyway, the five days of West War were amazing. Lots of partying with both sides in that. I made many friends despite the fact that I couldn't actually talk to them. There was a little creek that I made a habit of jumping into after fighting each day because, when you come off the field smelling like something that got trampled on by hundreds of different warriors (which I did, at one point) you wanna get that smell off.

At one point there was a castle battle with this tiny space to run through as the gate and we had to send guys in ten at a time to try to bust through the enemy's front lines. A couple charges I successfully made it all the way through the lines and took many heads before going out in a blaze of glory... A couple times I just bashed into the front line and served as a stepping stone for all of the soldiers behind me to walk over the line on. Ya, can't win all of them, I suppose. It was worth it.

On Sunday, after a hard day's fighting and messing up my ankle a bit worse than it was before thanks to my own stupidity in forgetting to put on my ankle brace, I walked off the field, stripped off my armor after hauling some stuff back to camp and took a well earned nap in my tent in the middle of the hot day. That night I hardly had the energy to stay up till midnight and woke up the next day feeling, more or less, like crap. Still a bit achey from the war but, fortunately for me, the shield and armor took a god deal more of the damage than it should have. I salute you, armor. It shames me that I can't take such a beating and I hope you last a bit longer until my new kit gets done being made.

Anyway, yesterday I got home and went to the library for about a half an hour to check up on stuff and check my email but then I checked out a few things on hold and went home to crash in bed after the most rejuvinating shower I think I've ever had.

Now things are going back to normal. I'm writing this blog and getting back into the swing of everyday life.

David Gray
AKA The Zombie Wookie Bear Jesus (A Name some people at West War gave me)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog #11

Again, an uneventful day yesterday. Right now I'm at my mom's place with my buddy Erik and step-dad. It's pretty uneventful today as well. For the next few days I'm gonna be out of reach of any computers so don't expect a blog post until tuesday, though I do promise to fill everyone in about West War when I get back in one really awesome big post ^^