Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog #13

Hey all! David Gray as back with an all new blog update! Sorry it took so long but I was down in Gold Beach fighting at An Tir West War. The battles were grea. I took out one of the key spearmen in the West Kingdomas the bannerman for the prince of An Tir. By the by, our banner is also a spear. That's how I pegged the guy in the head.

Anyway, the five days of West War were amazing. Lots of partying with both sides in that. I made many friends despite the fact that I couldn't actually talk to them. There was a little creek that I made a habit of jumping into after fighting each day because, when you come off the field smelling like something that got trampled on by hundreds of different warriors (which I did, at one point) you wanna get that smell off.

At one point there was a castle battle with this tiny space to run through as the gate and we had to send guys in ten at a time to try to bust through the enemy's front lines. A couple charges I successfully made it all the way through the lines and took many heads before going out in a blaze of glory... A couple times I just bashed into the front line and served as a stepping stone for all of the soldiers behind me to walk over the line on. Ya, can't win all of them, I suppose. It was worth it.

On Sunday, after a hard day's fighting and messing up my ankle a bit worse than it was before thanks to my own stupidity in forgetting to put on my ankle brace, I walked off the field, stripped off my armor after hauling some stuff back to camp and took a well earned nap in my tent in the middle of the hot day. That night I hardly had the energy to stay up till midnight and woke up the next day feeling, more or less, like crap. Still a bit achey from the war but, fortunately for me, the shield and armor took a god deal more of the damage than it should have. I salute you, armor. It shames me that I can't take such a beating and I hope you last a bit longer until my new kit gets done being made.

Anyway, yesterday I got home and went to the library for about a half an hour to check up on stuff and check my email but then I checked out a few things on hold and went home to crash in bed after the most rejuvinating shower I think I've ever had.

Now things are going back to normal. I'm writing this blog and getting back into the swing of everyday life.

David Gray
AKA The Zombie Wookie Bear Jesus (A Name some people at West War gave me)

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