Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog #17

hey all! Back with another update! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday but yesterday was just NOT a good day for me. I have an upper endoscopy, which is where they shove a thick tube down your throat and into your stomach! Ya, sucks just thinking about it, doesn't it?
If really wasn't all too bad. I still got put under and, when I woke up I was having the time of my life! Still, eventually the sleepy, groggy happiness did fade and then my throat hurt and they inflated my stomach so that hurts still.
I had a few mini ulcers, which they removed while I was out. Hopefully the meds they gave me for reducing the acid reflux will work out fine because I really don't want to delete all the food in my diet that makes eating worthwhile

On a significantly more positive note! It's my baby Niece's Birthday today! Happy 2nd birthday, Nemi! Also, my grandparents got home yesterday! I'm glad I was awake enough to see them and have dinner! As always they're doing old XP but it's okay, I love them for that XP

Anyway, gotta get goin!

David Gray
AKA Tankou001

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