Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog #8
Hey all!
Here's the next update in my blog!
Good news, yesterday was fighter practice! I love fighter practice! I live to get in armor and hit people! XD
However, we had an obtsacle course and such at this one and that's when, right off at the first obstacle, I slipped on a bit of recently cut grass and twisted my ankle back the opposite way it had twisted two days before. Sucky, huh? Well they helped me out, gave me some ibuprofen, put an ice pack on it for about five minutes before I decided I could do the obstacle course and get the second worst time at 17.22 seconds. Pretty good for a twice broken ankle, I'd think XP
After I got back home I found my bag was missing but I got some extra keys from my parents and went home with Erik, who had finally come back after leaving for five days.
In just under a week is An Tir West War, which is the event I live to go to ^^
I don't have the money for gate fee just yet but I'm working it out to do some work for it ^^
Five days of fighting and partying! WOOT!
David Gray
AKA Tanget

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