Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog #11

Hey everyone! David here with yet another update!
Okay, so yesterday I went out to vancouver to do some yard work for some friends so I would have gate fee for West War! When I got there they fed me really good grilled salmon and sweet potato fries! After that I weeded their flower garden and apparently I did really well at it. They said I have horticulture in my future though I'm not quite sure about that ^^;;
After that I went downtown and hung out with some people there, enjoying the night life like I like ^^
Met some new, cool people and finally ran out of little tabs with my name and this site on them. Now I gotta print out more XP
I managd to catch the very last train home, which was kinda cool because it was really quiet and not many people were on to crowd the trin. Then I got home, thought about doing some writing but I, instead, just crashed into my bed.

David Gray

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