Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog # 6

Hi everyone!

Back with another blog post from yesterday... And boy what a day it was. First thing that happened was the norm. I woke up, wrote a blog entry for the previous day, took a shower, went to the library, so on. Then I hopped downtown, hung out with the people there, enjoyed the nightlife a little later on and jumped onto the MAX to get home, watch some anime and other such things. Well it didn't go as planned. At around 8 pm, or so I suspected, I got caught by fare offiers at the sunset transit center, a single stop away from my stop. Thee questioned me and I wrote things down, explaining that I was on this vow. No, first things first, being silent REALLY helps you out in sticky situations like that. First of all, it's your right to silence in the United States of America. You can choose to do that. Still, that's not why. When you're silent around cops when they're questioning you they just normally don't mess with you because, so long as you're not a bad guy about you silence, which I surely hope I wasn't, they really don't see you as much of a threat, just a guy who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Still I did get a citation and they told me, unless I had fare, I couldn't get back on the MAX to get home. Well that DOES suck. But I was only a stop away from my house so I thought I'd hoof it. I probably would have been better off staying at the max stop and sleeping there that night, for all it's worth. Instead of that, however, I went on a near five hour stroll around town, trying to find home and having about five minutes of collective sitting rest. I was positive, through the first four hours, when I was literally circling a three mile diameter area, that my legs would, in fact, lead me home. This stopped when I went tumbling into a ditch, turning my foot just under 180 degrees and puting me in extreme, albeit strangely composed, pain.

For a while all I did was sit there, looking at my funky turned foot and then up at the road that was at the top of the ditch. I crawled a little farther into the bushes, relieved myself , got my second wind, twisted my ankle back into place, which I will admit, did warrant some pained sounds from me and then got my stuff and started walking again. After a while I was walking down some little highway and, at a light I was crossing some dude in his SUV opens his window looks straight at me and yells across the road. “God Works In Mysterious Ways, My Friend!” Before driving off. The worst part of thisa was that it was about the time where my mind, as it often does, turned to world domination. Well I shrugged that off quickly, found a church, wrote a nice little letter explaining my siuation and asking for directions to the beaverton transit center by foot. The guy who answered only responded by pointing to the woods and saying “Go That Way.” before slamming the door in my face. Not the best part of my trip but not the worst. Then I found another church and they were much more pleased to help. Turns out, by that point, my legs had, in fact, been walking me in the right direction and, soon enough, I saw Winco nearby. I can't tell you how much I did want to jump for joy at that moment, though I couldn't. So I walked and walked and, a few times, wanted to sit down and rest but I just kept walking till I got home, peeling off my shoes and whatched an hour of anime before going to bed and passing out almost immediately.

This morning I was, however, in so much pain I could barely get up to answer the door when my dad came over. It really sucked. So I've popped some ibuprofen and am now gonna brave the trip to the library. Yes, my ankle is still in much pain but I can walk on it a bit now ^^


David Gray


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  1. ouch, next time just don't call me at 2:30 in the morning laughing ur head off please.