Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog # 5

Yo all! David Gray here with a new blog entry. Where my last blog was pretty short and boring I think this one's gonna be a bit cooler. I just had such a great day yesterday ^^

The day started out pretty simple. I was gonna go hang out with a friend but she called in and left a message that she couldn't meet up after all. This was fine, just gave me more excuse to be lazy. Cause who doesn't like laziness? Still, I did eventually decide to get up and do stuff. First thing was first, of course, I went downtown and hung out a little with random street people before going to my friend, Joe's place. Gradually the whole place filled up and we watched funny cartoons and debated random things and just talked... well I didn't talk but you can get my meaning pretty easily.

I actually hadn't gone to Joe's to meet up with Joe, though. I was going over to meet another friend, also named David, who I had just missed two days in a row before that and now had gotten there about a half an hour earlier. Great stuff!

After a while I gradually fell into smiles and laughing, which tends to happen at Joe's place for me. I kept laughing at the show that we were watching on the internet and people just stared at me, wondering what was so funny. Honesly, I had no idea but then one of Jeo's buddies looked back, smiled and said “Dag perceives the Humor of the universe. That's it.” Wow, something I never would have understood if I hadn't kept myself from talking. I prolly would have just made a dumb esxcuse that I honestly wasn't sure about but, after hearing that, It's probably true. Nearly any situation throughout my life I've been able to find some way to laugh at. Maybe I do perceive the humor of the universe, after all... Or maybe I'm just a little goofy. Who knows?

One way I have heard, thus far, why I'm on a vow of silencem, was said by Joe. It's probably one of the better ways of explaining it. “Dag's like me in that he can't stop talking so he's making himself shut up for a while.” It's true, it really is. Kinda funny, actually.

Lately I've also been noticing my general schedule through my silence:

Wake up

Laze around house for a while and take care of personal hygeine

Reply to posts on rp sites and type up next blog post

Do business-style things Ineed to take care of (Go to library, return calls through friends, etc.)

Run around the neighborhood a bit, listening to things

Go to downtown and hang out with Joe or someone around that general social structure.

Hang with night life in downtown Portland

Return home on last MAX

Putter around house for while.

Hit bed with force of ten ton Dagimal


It's actually pretty simple, surprisingly enough.

Pretty sure I'm only getting around four hours of sleep a day but it's pretty fun.

Being on this vow has really brought out a more outgoing, sociable person in me. I tend to try to go out of my way to meet random people and be sociable despite the fact that I can't. Instead of staying indoors all day and just being a slug I feel I have to be active somehow since talking, my biggest former hobby, has been denied to me. Now I gotta go out and do stuff.

Well, that's enough for today.


David Gray

AKA Tankou001

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